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domingo , octubre 21 2018
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El siguiente vídeo es un proyecto recién llegado desde Berlín que intenta mostrar diferentes ramas del movimiento que engloba al graffiti y el arte urbano en la capital Alemana.   Recuerda que puedes mandar tu propio material a
"Berlinstyle - is a short film about the passion to create and the current developement of the legal graffiti scene in Berlin. It gives an insight in the thoughts of four representative artists and shows how different graffiti can be. The protagonists are: the Oldschooler “Dejoe”- who started painting in the late 80’s, the Newschooler “Raws”- who represents a new generation of stylewriters, the illustrator “Stereoheat”- who is famous for his detailed female characters and the painter “Base23” who adapts classic graffiti by painting abstract robot animals." A film by MotionOfStyles. Film by:

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