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Chas & Mister - Interview
domingo , septiembre 15 2019
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Chas & Mister – Interview

Compartimos algunas imágenes y un extracto de la entrevista realizada por The Hundreds a los escritores de origen holandés Chas y Mister. Si quieres ver la entrevista completa (inglés) haz click aquí! When did you started painting graffiti and when did you move onto trains? CHAS: I started painting graffiti in 1989, and in 1990, I painted my first train. I was very nervous, so I drank a lot of beer before to not be so nervous anymore and, of course, the panel looked like shit. But it was a nice memory. MISTER: I started in 1987 and it took me really long to paint a train. My first train was in 1997, 10 years after. Because when I started, I was 11 years old; very young. And I had to wait to be 15-16 to ask my dad’s permission to go out at night. By the time I was 17, there was a big police roundup in my city. Everybody was telling me that trains were impossible to do. So I had the idea that trains were dangerous and it was best to wait.

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