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Estilo y… Latinos
miércoles , junio 26 2019
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Estilo y… Latinos

Un nuevo vídeo de trainwriting presentado por Estilo y Cojones, en el que podemos ver a los miembros de la crew Latinos en acción por varias ciudades Europeas, con sus respectivos metros y trenes. The Latinos crew was created around 2007 by a group of writers from different cities and different ages united for the same passion. The reference point is the southern Italian but with the time the crew has also expanded into other cities such as Milan, Turin and Manchester with the most old school members. At the time the crew members are: CRUEL , ZELDA3, GELOTERZO , IDRON , YETIS , GOST , RAGE , WEDS , PONCH and many friends who accompany us. Most of them are not very active, but our idea of a crew is basically union and friendship, and to write our name no matter if it is on a wall or a train!!








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