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Hello My Name Is: Vino / Entrevista
miércoles , enero 29 2020
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Hello My Name Is: Vino @spraydaily

Desde SprayDaily siguen soltando material fresco! Esta vez, una nueva entrega para su sección "Hello my name is...", para esta ocasión, con el consolidado escritor Vino TSK. A disfrutar! Puedes leer la entrevista completa desde aquí! Name: Vino Crew: TSK City/Country: Spain When did you start writing? I started writing in early 1992. Can you give us a short introduction about your self? I’m a normal person who found graffiti as a young kid, when graffiti was not as popular/unpopular as now and discovered a new underworld where money was not the most important thing in the world and friendship was the main reason to be there. I’m still that same guy…

barcelona graffiti vino

barcelona graffiti train

In which ways have you adapted your graffiti life now when you’re older? Hhahahahah I have always adapted my civill life to my graffiti life, they are intertwined. You grow and you have more responsibilities as an adult, and you try to manage both. And then… you have kids and nothing is ever the same. I’m very lucky with my family and friends because they understand it.

graffiti vino tsk

vino tsk graffiti

vino tsk vlok

graffiti barcelona vino

graffiti train vino

graffiti trainwriting

graffiti vino barcelona train

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