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Interview | Minsk187, Kosmo & Omsk167

Os dejamos esta entrevista encontrada por la red de Minsk187, Kosmo & Omsk167 acompañada de algunas imágenes!

What do you write and where you from?
We write different names together, since this is much better to develop styles and also using names that are already known. So our names ar eour crew. So besides Minsk187, Sir and Omsk167 we also do write Kosmo167. We are from Russia originally and Germany

Going back to the very beginning, how did you originally get into graffiti?

In the ninetiees we painted different names on an outside doors of our house and went proud to our parents to show what we did, they went nuts and punished us for it. In 1995 we started drawing cartoons on poles and electicity boxes using permanent markers.

What´s behind the 187 or 167?

It stands for the 3 cities where the names are represented the most. In Germany and Russia.

Todays beginners should still consider Subway Art as kind of a bible what do you think? The old books from New York is a good entry into todays World of Graffiti?

We  dont think it is necessary to use it as a bible, We dont believe in bibles in general, they are outdated the day they are printed, plus most bibles prevent progression in other directions then which the bible dictates, not to say it is not a great book, it is an important work about a certain period in the history of graffiti..When we learned how to do graffiti we used everything I thought was cool from all differend sources, I saw street pieces, photos, books, cartoons, documentarys and movies and mixed them all up in my own style,

And you still look at such medias nowadays?

We still do that yes, plus we mix in other influences now, in my opinion graffiti shoud evolve, grow, go to different directions,

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