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Klips Photo
I'm a women. I'm half Italian and half German and I live in Naples. I photographed the first graffiti on the Circumvesuviana on 18th June 2007 and since that day I have always photographed the train and all those graffiti full of colors that turn I saw from the window of my house. KLIPS Photo besides being a name, a logo, is a story of a true love for the underground, an immense love for graffiti, where I had a chance to get out of that window and enter this great and wonderful world, with Italian and writers from around the world.


Stavo sfogliando l’album delle vecchie foto. Volevo mostrarvi delle foto scattate in Italia e all’estero. Quante corse, quante sudate, quante ore ad aspettare in banchina, quante volte ho dovuto nascondere la mia macchina fotografica… ma sono sempre riuscita ad immortalare quello che volevo.
Il progetto “Guardare oltre” parla anche di questo, di me, una giovane ragazza e un amore infinito per i treni.
Buona visione vandali….!

Seguitemi anche sul mio sito www.klipsphoto.jimdo.com

SONY DSC_________________________________________________________________________

I was flipping through the album of old photos. I wanted to share the photos taken in Italy and abroad. It ‘nice to share what I love most in the world with other people. How many races, how many sweat, how many hours waiting in bench, how many times I had to hide my camera … but I always managed to capture what I wanted.
The “Look Beyond” project also speaks of this, to me, a young girl and an infinite love for trains.
Good vision…..vandalz!
Follow me also on my website www.klipsphoto.jimdo.com










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