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Lolek Interview -
lunes , enero 20 2020
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Lolek Interview

En el blog BopGunn han publicado una entrevista al escritor Lolek de Zagreb (Croacia) además de una buena colección de fotos. Os dejamos un extracto de la entrevista y unas imágenes, no os perdáis la entrevista completa en BopGunn.
Please introduce yourself and your posse! Hello. I’m writing Lolek and I’m a member of CREW crew. When did you start writing? I started writing in ’98 and have been active since ’01. What motivated you to start writing? I have always lived next to the line. My school was just on the track side, so every day I was watching panels from GSK, B52, INF, PR and VVV crews. So I decided to start painting trains. In that time, half of the hood were writers and pretty much everything was going around skateboarding, punk rock and graffiti. So as a group of kids we founded UN13 crew and started to paint more and more serious.
You travel a lot. If you were to make a list with your 5 favourite inter rail stops, what would it be? Sure man, traveling keeps me on life. I think it’s really important to travel, to see other cultures and how people live. It‘s interesting that you can be thousands of kilometers away from home and feel more like home then ever before. Besides, it makes your approach to graffiti a bit different, and that’s a good thing for progress and moving on. Amsterdam Barcelona Ljubljana Bern Paris
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