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The Grifters Interview

La gente de The Grifters ha publicado una entrevista bastante completa, la primera y unica hasta el momento. Podéis leer la entrevista completa en TheGriftersCode (inglés).

We publish the lifestyle as it is – pure and harsh, provocative and, in part, disgusting. We hint at all the little techniques, tips and tricks (as absurd and funny as they may seem) that we use to reach our goals and targets – all the weapons that we use to get the job done. Though an ordinary person may not necessarily understand or like our material, we want him to, at least, see and feel the ambience in our lives, no matter how good, bad or ugly. We show the story behind the street spam that people encounter every day; surely, we do not want to glorify it, though.

An alpha male never pays for a woman’s drink: If you do, it demonstrates that you run after her – it automatically makes her sexual circuitry feel less attracted and interested in you. In fact, she should be paying your drinks for the privilege of sticking around. Sorry, ladies, try again.
But throwing in something else for all the young rackstars – Stealing 3 euro cans in a shop, where with the same effort you can get electronics for 500 euro is quite stupid – use simple mathematics and common sense, aight?

Graffiti is gay?
The concept came and stayed with us long before we made the T-Shirt. It all started while we were taking care of the whole tourist writer stream, visiting after Bulgaria joined the EU. In fact, at one point it was so heavy that in one specific summer we had painted with over 80 people in the span of a couple of months. After the initial stages of comfort building, small talk, international gossips, mutual friend finding (which became routine to us) we usually ended up dropping gay jokes (they always work, in any counry). Quite often the conversation ended with a metaphorical “GRAFFITI IS GAY” as a conclusion. Instead of uncertain faces, we quite often saw a surprised smile and the question “Guys, you also think graffiti is gay?” And no, the story does not continue exactly like one would expect…

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