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TOMCAT 19: SprayDaily Fanzine + Poster A2
lunes , octubre 22 2018
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TOMCAT 19: SprayDaily Fanzine

Desde el pasado 13 de Marzo, ya está disponible el nuevo fanzine del escritor TOMCAT, de la mano de los chicos de SprayDaily. Treinta y dos paginas en formato A5 con imágenes entre 2008 y 2014, además de un póster tamaño A2. Han publicado 300 copias y os podéis hacer con una de ellas desde su tienda online!
His styles are simple, simple but everywhere.  His name is well known around the world but he still may be one of the most anonymous and mysterious writers. If you ever been biking around the streets of Copenhagen you know what we are talking about. His tags, throw-ups and roll-ups covers the city from top to bottom. You will find his name on trucks, walls, street signs, roof tops but also on the trains and along the track sides. Tomcat – “Home is where I take my shoes off” contains a collection of personal photos by Tomcat from 2008-2014. The zine is printed in a limited edition of 300 copies and each zine comes with an A2 poster designed by Tomcat.



TOMCAT 19: SprayDaily Fanzine + Poster

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