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Vamp Interview @GraffDonuts
jueves , enero 17 2019
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Vamp Interview @GraffDonuts

Os dejamos algunas imágenes y un extracto de la entrevista que le han realizado los chicos de GraffDonuts al escritor Vamp (UHU, ATM & CLP). Puedes ver la entrevista completa haciendo click aquí!
It all started around 1995 when my friend wanted to show me something he had under an old shipping container in my neighborhood. It was a spray can that he had stolen from an elementary school art teacher. The only problem was that I didn’t know how to use it and what to write with it. The graffiti scene was completely unknown to me at that time.

I think I have a strong personal style but it’s just simple and classic New York style graffiti with my own twist. I’m not trying to reinvent the wheel. My style is a sum of many things. I feel that each place I have lived in has influenced me in one way or another.

4. Panels, hall of fame, street bombing… what satisfies you the most? I like them all and there are pros and cons on all of them. A train is the nicest target and pieces always look good on a train but the actions require planning and preparations. Painting hall of fames is a nice way to spend an afternoon with good friends but it doesn’t give me much satisfaction or excitement. You have a lot of time to try new ideas but sometimes it feels like wasting paint when the piece can be crossed the next day. Of course a train can also be buffed quickly but at least you give the buffers grief. Street bombing is really fun to do but also quite risky especially after few beers.

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